Jodie Bentley and Voiceover Branding

Jodie Bentley and Voiceover Branding

Actress, narrator, and career coach Jodie Bentley has a riveting conversation with Julie Williams about branding and marketing for voiceover talent. Jodie also discusses her upcoming Free 5-Day Challenge for Voiceover Marketing, coming soon in March 2023. (See below for details.)

March 20 to 24, 2023

Iā€™ve been hearing from a lot of voice actors lately who are trying to keep up with everything we get to do as artists…it can get pretty overwhelming. Or do you feel like the competition has gotten steeper and youā€™re not sure how to stand out anymore or make your mark?

I want to do something about that! From March 20th-24th Iā€™m hosting a: šŸ”„FREE 5 Day Challenge for Voice Actors Who Want to Level Up.šŸ”„ 5 days. 5 tools. To get you where you want to go.

Youā€™ll learn 5 key strategies that Iā€™ve been teaching my clients for years. These strategies got them from overwhelm and feeling alone to having the tools, systems and planning for their abundance! Email to be put on the wait list for the Free 5-Day Challenge registration link.

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