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Jonathan Tilley: League of List Builders and Why Pay2Plays Suck

Gary talks with busy voice talent and coach Jonathan Tilley about why the so-called Pay2Play sites (online casting sites) aren’t a good bet for most voice talent, and the...

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Author Landon Beach & Narrator

Julie Williams talks with Landon Beach, a successful book author (Cabin, The Hike, The Wreck and others) who has just completed a book that will be near and dear...

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Tim Friedlander: Potential Health Insurance for VO Talent

Tim Friedlander talks to Julie about an effort by a new group, the National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA) to acquire health insurance coverage for voice-over talents (YOU!).  This...

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J. Michael Collins: Gravy For The Brain and VO Conferences

Julie Williams interviews J. Michael Collins, who is one busy guy! He’s not only an in-demand voice talent and VO demo producer, but he’s also the USA territory controller...

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Dani States: Voiceover View

In this episode, Julie talks with Dani States, the creator of Voiceover View, a suite of business management tools designed for the voiceover industry. Voiceover View lets voice talent...

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Brad Shaw: Audition Director

U.K. voice artist and entrepreneur Brad Shaw talks with Gary about a brand new service, Audition Director, where talents can get coached on important upcoming auditions with top-flight VO...

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George Whittam: Noise Floor Nailed Down

Gary talks with VO Tech expert George Whittam about noise floor: what it is, why it’s an important number to know for your VO studio, how to measure it,...

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Mike Verret: The VO Elevator Pitch

Julie talks to Mike Verret, marketing expert at Verret and Associates (VerretandAssociates.com) about how to tell people about what you do in a way that makes them want to...

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Martha Kahn: Kids In VO

Julie Williams talks with Martha Kahn about how she trains children who are considering getting into the wonderful world of Voiceover. Martha’s “Yes I Kahn” students are landing agents...

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Rob Sciglimpaglia: AI and Voiceover Talent

Rob Sciglimpaglia, voice talent, on-camera actor, and an attorney who works with voice over issues, discusses the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence) text-to-speech platforms, how they might influence voice...

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