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Episode 51: Dealing With Failure In Voiceover with Jonathan Tilley

Jonathan Tilley is an acclaimed voiceover coach in Germany who has taught at the top voice conferences in the world. Julie Williams discusses his new book Embracing the F...

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Episode 49: Outsourcing With Rae Burell

In this VoiceOver Insider podcast, Julie Williams talks with Rae Burell of Light Assistance, a service that provides support for entrepreneurs—mainly voiceover artists.

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Episode 48: Online-Marketing With Anne Ganguzza

In this episode of the VoiceOver Insider Podcast, Julie Williams talks with full-time professional voice talent, coach, and producer, Anne Ganguzza.about proven online strategies to find and attract more...

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Episode 46: Five Questions New VO Talent Should Ask, with Joe J. Thomas

Julie Williams talks with Joe J. Thomas, a voice actor in Los Angeles. They discuss the Top 5 Questions that newbie VO talent often ask—that are irrelevant— and what...

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Episode 45: Voiceover Casting, with Valerie Bobo

Julie Williams talks with Valerie Bobo, booth director at William Morris in Los Angeles, and Talent/Casting director for Elaine Craig Casting.Valerie also runs the Speak Easy Alliance.

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Episode 44: Improv For Voiceover, with Rebecca Haugh

Julie Williams talks to Rebecca Haugh about Improv…and how it can enhance a voice-over talent’s performance.

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Episode 43: CRM For VO, with Marc Scott, Dani States, & Lusia Gummer

In this episode, Julie Williams discusses the pros and cons of three different customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Guests Marc Scott, Dani States, and Luisa Gummer talk about how...

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Episode 42: Giving Back, with Stanley Fisher

With two decades of experience, Stanley has voiced, produced, and booth directed local, regional, and national radio commercials, and has created children’s audio books. He is a classically trained...

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Episode 41: Performance Tips With Tasia Valenza

Julie talks with Tasia Valenza, one of the top U.S. female voiceover artists. Tasia is a story teller with an acting background; she doesn’t just read the words—she gives...

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Episode 40: The Creative Process, with Dick Orkin

Julie talks about the creative process with the late yet legendary Dick Orkin, founder of the Dick Orkin Radio Ranch, and the creator of the Chickenman radio serial.

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