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Julie Williams

Show Co-Host

Whether you’re just getting into the exciting world of voiceover,  or you’re a seasoned pro with thousands of voice-overs to your credit, you may not know the difference between a “voice-over teacher” and a “voice-over coach.” There is a difference, and it’s not just a matter of semantics. Julie Williams is a Coach. She is there to guide you through all aspects of your voiceover life.

As a voice-over professional for close to 40 years—she’s learned a thing or two! And having been a radio air personality for 38 years, she also know what it takes to make the jump from the radio industry—to the radically different voice-over industry. Julie specialize in narration, eLearning, commercial, and audiobook narration, but she also does a fair amount of political and infomercial work.

And she’s available to coach you privately, via Zoom, on a regular basis.  To hear what some pretty well known talents and students have to say about my coaching, check out

Gary MacFadden

Show Co-Host

Compared with Julie William’s long career in voiceover, Gary is just a babe in the woods, having started his VO journey in 2012. And speaking of the woods, that’s where Gary and his partner make their home: in a narrow mountain valley situated between two wilderness areas in Northwestern Montana.

Way back before the turn of the century, Gary earned degrees in Journalism and Radio-TV production. But an odd turn at a freelance job brought him to a fledgling national bicycling organization (Bikecentennial, later the Adventure Cycling Association), where he was first the publications director, and then the Executive Director for 20 years. In 2012, after 35 years in the field of cycling and pedestrian programs, Gary recalled his love of buttons, dials, and VU meters, and turned to voice over.

Gary concentrates on narrating audio books (see, and has produced dozens of titles for other narrators. Gary has also dabbled in eLearning and medical narration (trained by Julie Williams, of course!) and has recently dabbled in political ads voiceover (see He brings his interest in the technical side of audio production to the podcast, balancing Julie’s background in VO performance aspects.

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