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Rachael Naylor: The Voiceover Network

Julie talks with Rachael Naylor, a busy UK-based voiceover artist, actress, writer, and award-winning entrepreneur. And if that wasn’t enough, Rachael is also the founder and owner of the...

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Michael Kostroff: The Psychology of Auditioning

Michael Kostroff is an actor who has enjoyed a long career, with credits including The Wire, Billions, Boston Legal, The King of Queens, and many more. Along the way,...

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Shelley Avellino: Breaking Into The International VO Marketplace

Shelley Avellino, a voice talent originally from Wales and now living in and working out of Las Vegas, Nevada, shares ideas with Julie Williams about how to break into...

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Purchasing Used Voiceover Equipment

Voiceover Insider Podcast co-host Gary MacFadden reveals himself to be a closet used VO equipment buyer who just can’t turn down anything with lots of dials and switches. Gary...

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Tracy Lindley: LinkedIn & VO Marketing

Julie Williams talks with LinkedIn marketing expert Tracy Lindley about the importance of LinkedIn as a marketing tool for voice talent. Tracy also discusses her early years as a...

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George Whittam: Processing Stacks & How They’re Built

George Whittam, well-known VO technical consultant and co-host with Dan Lenard of the popular Voiceover Body Shop, talks with Gary MacFadden about processing stacks: what they are, how they...

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Nikki Nash and Finding Your Marketing Genius

Julie Williams talks with marketing mentor Nikki Nash about how pinpointing your unique business vision, determining who wants to pay for your expertise as a voiceover artist and how...

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Episode 72: John Kissinger On E-Learning Publishers

Voice artist and e-learning developer John Kissinger discusses with Julie why “public enemy #1” isn’t your VO peers who are vying for the same e-learning jobs, but in fact...

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Episode 71: Introducing The Tri-Booth

VO Tech Guru George Whittam and active VO talent-turned-businessman Rick Wasserman discuss their new product, the Tri-Booth, a portable voiceover booth with all the trimmings. Find out more about...

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Episode 70: Kim Handysides and SEO for VO

Julie talks with veteran voice talent and VO blogger Kim Handysides about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using social media for marketing, topics that will be...

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