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VO Atlanta 2023 With J. Michael Collins

Julie talks with J. Michael Collins (a.k.a. JMC) about what’s new at VO Atlanta 2023, coming up soon in March. JMC pointed out that some of the “X-Sessions,” which...

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Jonathan Tilley: League of List Builders and Why Pay2Plays Suck

Gary talks with busy voice talent and coach Jonathan Tilley about why the so-called Pay2Play sites (online casting sites) aren’t a good bet for most voice talent, and the...

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Author Landon Beach & Narrator

Julie Williams talks with Landon Beach, a successful book author (Cabin, The Hike, The Wreck and others) who has just completed a book that will be near and dear...

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Tim Friedlander: Potential Health Insurance for VO Talent

Tim Friedlander talks to Julie about an effort by a new group, the National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA) to acquire health insurance coverage for voice-over talents (YOU!).  This...

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Dave Fennoy is well known to gaming enthusiasts, and has a long line of credits. See Episode 32.

Featured Guests


Pat Fraley​

Voice talent / coach

Pat Fraley is a voice talent and coach who has voiced more characters than any other actor. See Episode 21.


Anne Ganguzza

voice talent / coach

Anne is a VO coach and voice talent who also hosts the VO Boss podcast. See Episode 48.


Dave Fennoy

gaming voice actor

Dave Fennoy is well known to gaming enthusiasts, and has a long line of credits. See Episode 32.


Celia Siegel

vo branding expert

Celia Siegel is a branding expert working with voice talent on their brands and web sites. See Episode 53.

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